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Roy Cammarano

Mr. Roy F. Cammarano is internationally-recognized expert on organizational evolution and customer strategy, and is the founder of the Entrepreneurial Development Group (EDG). He has served as president of several service organizations, including Voicecomm, Premiere Conferencing, and Enhanced Calling Services (all part of Premiere Global Services – NYSE: PGI), and as an executive officer and consultant in the publishing, leisure, retail, and consumer product industries. This included being president of five Inc. 500 companies. More recently, he has served as a consulting operating partner for a clean energy private equity firm, working to enhance the internal operations of solar, wind, and hydro portfolio companies. Mr. Cammarano is dynamic leader with a track record of success and accomplishments in all phases of business growth and development. As a senior executive, he specializes in leading high-growth, dynamic environments. He has experience in virtually all operational functions, such as creating strategic business, marketing, and action plans, designing and formalizing systems that support plans, developing and managing human assets, and directing the financial functions of the organization. Prior to his work with PGI, he was President of Maxcomm, a change-management consulting firm based in Utah, and executive vice president of American Cities Business Journals, where he led the launch of weekly business newspapers in several cities across the U.S. Mr. Cammarano has served as a contributing editor to SUCCESS magazine, was a featured speaker at Inc. magazine’s business conferences, and is the author of the award winning books, Creating Do-It-Yourself Customers and Entrepreneurial Transitions. He earned his MBA at the University of Phoenix and has a BS in Education from the State University of New York (Brockport). Mr. Cammarano resides in San Diego.


Peter C. Honebein

Dr. Peter C. Honebein is co-founder and Principal of the Customer Performance Group. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Reno and Indiana University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in marketing, customer experience design, human performance technology, and instructional design. He also occasionally serves as a Research Scientist with The Academic Edge, a creator of media, education, and customer experiences for behavioral health issues. As a strategist, experience designer, researcher, and consultant, Dr. Honebein applies his vast knowledge of design, marketing, product development, and performance technology to solve novel problems related to human performance. He has created, marketed, and licensed commercial products, designed the system that tracked the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and consulted on the design, strategy, and launch of numerous innovations, products, and services. This included the system that sequenced the human genome and smart metering systems for utilities such as SDG&E, ComEd, NV Energy, and Duquesne Light. He is also co-author of the Smart Meter Deployment Handbook and the National Action Plan for Demand Response. As highly-skilled qualitative researcher, Dr. Honebein invented the Codesign Panel™ method of online qualitative research and is co-inventor on patent #6,326,147 - Methods, apparatus, articles of manufacture, and user interfaces for performing automated biological assay preparation and macromolecule purification. Most recently, he was a finalist in the Economist Magazine/Lumina Foundation Quantified Self Challenge for an idea about a system that motivates young professionals to develop skills that enhance their careers, which he presented at the Economist's Human Potential Forum 2013 in New York. Dr. Honebein is the author of the books Creating Do-It-Yourself Customers and Strategies for Effective Customer Education, as well as numerous articles in such multidisciplinary publications as The Electricity Journal, Metering International, Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, Marketing Management, Educational Technology Research & Development, Educational Technology, Performance Improvement, and Interactions. He has also presented on topics related to product design, service design, human performance, and customer experience at numerous industry conferences. He earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University and B.A. in Broadcasting from Pepperdine University. He resides in Reno, NV.


Carrot and Stick Not Working? Try Fear, Pride, Imitation, and Gain

You have carefully selected your leaders, set their performance expectations, given them the right tools, and trained them. Yet, they still are not performing. Roy Cammarano explores a unique, pragmatic approach to improving executive performance that has been successfully employed across a broad spectrum of industries – FPIG – Fear, Pride, Imitation, and Gain. Key topics covered include:

• Understanding the relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
• Identifying the unique style of each leader
• Utilizing the proper language to impact performance and results
• Improving performance through improved motivation
• Knowing what isn’t working, why, and when to apply FPIG

Roy Cammarano approaches this from a unique perspective gained from running multiple companies, providing consulting services on a global basis, and authoring a variety of books and articles. Understanding these tools will enable you to create high-performance teams, individual contributors, and organizational cultures that achieve results.

Visionary Leadership: Get Results, Increase Value, and Exit Profitably

Drawing upon his award-winning book Entrepreneurial Transitions, Roy Cammarano explores an easy to understand journey of an entrepreneur’s behaviors, the impacts they have on their organization, and the methods for moving quickly to being a Visionary Leader. Key ideas covered include:

• Identifying which entrepreneurial transition phase you are in: Entrepreneurial Genius, Benevolent Dictator, Disassociated Director, and Visionary Leader
• Recognizing the good, bad, and ugly of each phase
• Embracing strategies for getting to Visionary Leader faster
• Understanding what has occurred in most entrepreneurial organizations

Understanding these phases will enable you to more effectively create a high-performing organization that can position itself for a successful exit.

Stop Waffling and Start Deciding to Eliminate Employee Whiplash

Throughout his executive career, Roy Cammarano has embraced Peter Drucker’s idea that decision making is the specific executive task. Unfortunately, to employees, executive decision making feels like riding with a driver who has one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. To avoid employee whiplash, Roy developed a three-dimensional decision making model that’s been used in multiple companies across multiple industries to improve processes and decrease frustration. Key ideas covered include:

• Identifying the four phases of decision making
• Understanding the six-step decision making process
• Asking the three initial questions
• Recognizing that decisions are made by emotion and then defended by logic

Understanding this decision making model will enable you analyze problems faster and make decisions that your teams will buy into quicker with less frustration.

Can Your Customers Be Your Best Employees? The Co-Creation of Value Advantage

In today’s marketplace customer experiences are at the forefront of how companies are framing their competitive advantage. Experiences have come to represent a company’s brand. Through these experiences, more and more companies are shifting consumption-related tasks to customers, where customers become co-creators of value. Whether through self-service or as co-designers of new offerings, Roy Cammarano will show you how customers are willing to be partners with the companies that serve them – if you design channels that enable such a relationship. Key ideas covered include:

• Envisioning your customers as co-creators of value
• Understanding the four factors that drive customer performance
• Planning your customers’ journey through the value chain
• Tailoring your products and services to engage do-it-yourself customers

Creating Do-It-Yourself Customers. Seeing your customers as co-creators of value will enable you to better differentiate your business from your competitors, develop product and service innovations that attract customers, and increase your customers’ lifetime value.

Fire Your HR Department: The Rise of Do-It-Yourself Employees

A do-it-yourself employee is an employee who, well, does things for themselves. Roy Cammarano will explore how they can plan and pursue their own training, manage their own benefits, and modify their roles and responsibilities in a way that adds value to the organization. Key ideas covered include:

• Envisioning your employees as co-creators of value
• Understanding the six factors that drive employee performance
• Planning your employees’ journey through the value chain
• Tailoring your organizational design to engage do-it-yourself employees

Seeing your employees as do-it-yourselfers will enable you to recruit higher quality employees, orient and train employees faster, reward employees more fairly, and retain them longer.


EDG is unique from other management consulting firms because . . .

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations have very specific developmental phases as well as stages of growth. We have identified each of them along with their distinct behavior patterns. We have designed a series of models that allow the entrepreneur to see and understand how their behaviors and decisions impact their organization. Each employee will see where the organization is, where it is headed, and how they contribute. This awareness coupled with our proven process and technological support system allows the entrepreneurial organization a "safe environment" in which to develop and prosper.

EDG's systematic approach to success has four phases:

*1 Intervention - Discover what your organization needs to relieve immediate pain and/or confusion.
*2 Engagement - Determine where you are and where you want to go and begin your learning process.
*3 Transference - Design specific strategies and action plans to accomplish your goals and apply your newfound skills to operate your business at a higher level.
*4 Disengagement - Deliver your expected results and em­power your team to meet future challenges with increased confidence and abilities.

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Entrepreneurial Transitions

by Roy F. Cammarano

Management and leadership are not synonymous! Whether a business is in the start-up phase or has been around many years, award-winning Entrepreneurial Transitions: From Entrepreneurial Genius to Visionary Leader, provides the tools and solutions businesses need to create effective organizational structures.


Creating Do-It-Yourself Customers

By Peter C. Honebein and Roy F. Cammarano

Winner of ISPI's 2006 Award of Excellence

Self-checkout, self-customization, and other coproduction efforts are on the rise. But it's a boon to business only if customers do their share. This book proves that by setting appropriate expectations, providing the necessary tools and environment, delivering appropriate rewards, and developing specific knowledge and skill, companies can condition customers to activate their expertise to achieve greater value.


Strategies for Effective Customer Education

By Peter C. Honebein

Customer education is a key element of the marketing mix before, during, and after the sale. It's a proven technique for stimulating growth, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Strategies for Effective Customer Education shows businesses how to provide customers the expertise they need to make wise product choices and experience success with the products they buy.

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2013 - Economist Magazine Human Potential Conference - Quantified Self Challenge

EDG's Peter Honebein was one of three finalists (out of 603 entries) in the Economist Magazine/Lumina Foundation Quantified Self Challenge. His idea? A web/mobile application that motivates professionals to develop skills that enhance their careers.

  • Video is 38 minutes long and includes all three finalist presentations
  • Dr. Honebein's presentation starts at about 21:30
  • Judges were Lazlo Bock of Google, Thomas Malone of MIT, and Jamie Merisotis of the Lumina Foundation



2012 - Edison Foundation/IEE Powering The People Conference

Customer Performance Group principal Peter Honebein speaks about engaging the new energy consumer at the 2012 Edison Foundation/IEE Powering the People Conference. Joining Peter on the 45-minute panel were:

  • Pete Delany, CEO of Oklahoma Gas and Electric (Moderator)
  • Lisa Hillenbrand, Global Marketing Director at Proctor & Gamble
  • John Lanning, Senior Manager, Best Buy
  • Judith Schwartz, President, To the Point


2011 - ABC Interview Smart Meter Customer Experience

Customer Performance Group principal Peter Honebein is interviewed by ABC reporter David Louie about the customer experience benefits of smart meter systems. (Two minutes)